Welcome to your new art studio!

cre·ate·ful  krē āt(fool)/

(adjective) 1. Filled with creative energy and desire to share creativity with others. 2. Joyful. 3. (noun) A mixed media art studio for people who want more creativity in their lives.

Here at Createful...

We know that all people are creative. With time, materials and support creativity blossoms and changes our lives.  

We bring creative people together to explore their own creative paths and to share and learn from one another.

We are a community space filled with art supplies and one big table for people to gather around and create. 

We offer Art Fix mixed media classes any time you want. Classes are open every week—and now FOUR SATURDAYS, Summer 2017. 

Take Our Introduction to Art Journaling (Joy) and Mixed Media workshop to get a jumpstart

Come in for Open Studio to art journal or work on your own projects — two Sundays per month.

You can also form or join an art practice group or book the studio for private creative gatherings.

We believe that friendship, instruction and fun art supplies bring out the creative in all of us! 

No experience necessary — all experience welcome

Whether you've never created mixed media before or you've been creating for years, you're in the right place.

When I first signed up for Denise’s Intro Art Journaling (Joy) and Mixed Media Class, I had never done anything like this before. I didn’t know what mixed media was, nor art journaling...I had never used acrylic paints, pastels, gesso or any other types of mediums. The last time I did any forms of art was back in grade school and that was MANY moons ago! It’s been over a year now and I am thrilled at all that I am learning and I am having so much fun! I’m getting in touch with my artsy side and I’m finding parts of myself that never knew existed.I can turn down the inner critic more effectively these days and I apply paint and make marks with more courage. Denise is so relaxed, fun & talented and such a beautiful person! Thanks Denise for your hard work in pulling this great studio together!
— Tracy Brusman