What Else can I do at Createful Studio?

1) Open Studio

Every Other Sunday, 12pm - 3pm $15


We can't think of a better way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon than to do some arting—with others! 

Open Studio Collage

When you relax, chat a little, start considering this and that without any real agenda, your creativity begins to roam free...and before you know it time has disappeared—and so has your stress!

That is why the studio is now open two Sunday afternoons each month for this very important create time.  Come in and catch up on your art projects while enjoying your create time with others.  Work in your art journal, complete a project, create a gift, make something for your home...

You can come to an Open Studio session to work on any project. Open Studio is independent create time—in creative community.

You get full use of the studio and all its supplies.

Note about Registration: Please note: We do all class registration on our Meetup.com site. When you click on the "Register" button above, you will be taken to our Meetup.com page. If you are new to Meetup, learn more and get simple instructions for setting up your free Meetup account on our About Registration page. 

2) Art Groups


Form or join a weekly art group! A group of at least four people (and no more than six) come in on a weekly, pre-arranged schedule for a low monthly fee. If you are interested in joining or forming an art group at Createful, here are a few things you should know:

  • Art groups at Createful meet once per week to create together.
  • Groups lead themselves—that is, they determine what and how they will create together.  They organize and run themselves; they are not led by Createful Studio.
  • Groups also form themselves. Usually, it takes two or more people to come together first and then ask others to join.
  • Groups determine their own group policies and are subject to studio policies.
  • Groups are sized 4-6 members (minimum/maximum).
  • Each member of an Art Group is subject to both group and studio policies.
  • Each member pays a low monthly rate of $60 and enjoys a 10% discount on any Createful Studio class or workshop.

If you think you'd like to art regularly with an arting group, talk to Denise! You both will discuss what you're looking for in an art group. If a current group has opening and your goals seem aligned, she will certainly put you in touch! If there isn't a group available (which may very well be the case), she can talk to you about strategies for putting a group together. You might be surprised to learn how possible that might be!


3) Book the Studio

Private parties

Private instruction, or

Private Create Time for you and your friends!


  • Give the gift of creative discovery to friends or loved ones
  • Take advantage of our space so you don't have to use yours
  • Get full use of the studio and art supplies
  • Enjoy creative time with your friends or loved ones
  • Create free of life distractions


How it Works

It's easy! Call or email Denise at the studio, and she will work with you to plan your time in the studio.

Pricing varies depending on number of people, number of hours, and guidance/instruction needs:

General Booking Policies

  • Createful staff will be present for bookings. However, you decide how much or how little guidance or instruction you would like. You and your guests can come in and use the studio independently or we can lead an art activity or teach a private class.
  • The studio is designed for personal gatherings and can accommodate 1-6 adults.
  • The studio is available for children 12 years old and up, accompanied by at least one adult. Maximum number of total participants: 8.
  • Includes use of studio space and art supplies at the studio, and does not include any art supplies not available at the studio