Art Fix FAQs

What is the concept behind Art Fix?

This is a creativity program that offers you the opportunity to come in regularly every month as often as you'd like to create art projects and grow and develop your creative self. We schedule a project every week involving a mix of fun art materials and techniques. When we gather to create for an Art Fix class, we set off on a creative journey together to explore a theme and materials, and to create an art project that is uniquely your own.

What do we create?

Small works on paper, canvas, wood, found surfaces...AND/OR art journal pages. Often, you can choose to work in your art journal OR on another surface. We believe art journals make for an optimal space for safe creative expression and experimentation and we encourage anyone who desires to create in art journals when practical. With that said, art journals are not required and sometimes we create other mixed media pieces in different forms.

Do I have to create in an art journal?

No. While we encourage art journaling, we certainly don't require it. Most projects can be created on a variety of kinds of surfaces—and you get to choose.

How do I sign up for Art Fix?

Purchase Art Fix Class Passes for the number of classes you'd like to attend in a month here on our website. Then, go to our meetup site to sign up for Art Fix classes that fit your schedule. Scheduled registrations will be automatically applied to your purchased Art Fix Class Pass.

Why am I required to register on

We have decided to use Meetup for all class and event registrations at Createful. Meetup offers an affordable, convenient and efficient sign up system both for you and for the studio. Also, Meetup is a great platform for people to find us—and it’s free for you to use.

How do I use Meetup to sign up for a session?

If you are unfamiliar with, go to our About Registration page for instructions. You must have a free meetup account and you must join our meetup group, Createful Mixed Media Explorers. It's very easy and again, free.

Can I participate in Art Fix if I am a beginner?

Art Fix is designed for all levels of experience.  Everyone is at different places on their own creative journey and this is a safe and resourceful place for you to move forward in creativity and joy, no matter where you are in your journey—including at the very beginning.

Should I take an Intro class before starting Art Fix?

It' is not necessary to take an Introductory class before joining us for Art Fix—which is why we stopped offering introduction classes. Simply  jump into Art Fix and you will be sure to find yourself at ease. We will make sure you learn everything you need to learn for that project—and over time you will build knowledge and skills.

What supplies do I bring to Art Fix?

Just like with all classes, workshops at events at Createful, your supply list is minimal because the studio is stocked with art supplies for your use. Please read About Art Supplies for an overview of what you will need to bring to any class or event at Createful. For Art Fix, specific supply lists are listed when you register for each session, but generally, this is what you can expect to bring for any Art Fix session:

a) Your art journal OR the featured surface (substrate) listed when you register for a session,

b) Your "personal stash" of ink pens, which means at least the two ink pens discussed on our About Art Supplies page

c) Occasionally some personal ephemera or specialized items for your artwork, depending on the project.

What do you mean by "personal stash" of ink pens?

As we said above, most art supplies are available at the studio and arters who come to Createful Studio can expect to arrive without having to bring most supplies. 

With that said, we ask that all arters at Createful own and bring at least one fine-lined permanent black ink pen and one opaque white pen—in a pen case.  You're also welcome to bring other pens you can’t art without.

You’ll find a full discussion of characteristics and purposes of different pens and markers on our About Art Supplies page, as well as recommended brands for that black and white pen—and more.

Will we finish each art project in the time available for each Art Fix class?

While we try to plan projects so that we can complete them, the reality is that we all work at different paces and approach our work with different processes—and we don’t always finish our art projects in a session.  We will get as far as possible, but please give yourself the gift of the time you need—and complete a project you don't quite complete on your own either at home or during an Open Studio session at the studio. We will make sure you leave each Art Fix session knowing all next steps.

What are your payment and cancellation policies?

Please see our Art Fix Studio Policies page here.

What if I want more information about a particular project or supplies—or anything else?

Feel free to contact Denise. You can email: or call: 415-858-9825.