And the winner is...


Several Createfuls came together last night at the studio for a delightful evening of sharing our art... 


catching up...


and generally having a good time. Can you tell? 


I uploaded a bunch of photos in the Createful Facebook Photo Gallery if you want to see even more fun.

We also held the drawing for my first FREE GIVEAWAY—a basket full of essential art journaling and mixed media supplies for travel or home. 

And the winner is...

Jamie Aberegg!

Congratulations, Jamie! 


I just want to say...

I am so pleased that our community is finding each other, joined by a common love for creativity. I was thinking in between all the animated chatter last night, as we poured over each other's art, that I am so grateful for each and every one of you in our community—both those in the room in that moment—and so many other Createfuls who couldn't make it last night—you too! 

Thank you.

If there's anything I've learned on this grand studio adventure (almost two years now) is that each person who walks in the door comes with their own distinct creative imprint. Each person comes with their own special way of seeing the world—of being in the world—and you all let that special self out on the page or canvas or whatever we make (whether you know it or not). And I know I am inspired and changed by the experience of each creative person—and I think everyone in the community is inspired and changed, too.

For those who hesitate...

I know there are many people reading this today—and those who have yet to discover us—who might doubt your own creative imprint. You might wonder if you are creative, if you could do this at all. I want to shout an emphatic YES!  All human beings are creative by birthright no matter how you might individually express it (creativity is like speaking or opposable thumbs--it's just something that makes us human).

If your interest in creating visually is at all piqued here—even if you've never done it before—then accept that invitation from your heart (it's telling you something!)

I invite you to come down to the studio and take some Art Fix classes. We are a wonderful bunch. You will be welcomed, and as you open yourself to your own and others' creativity, you will be inspired and changed too.

Much love,