Createful Compendium Weekly—June Begins


We're especially busy next week at the studio. In addition to our regularly scheduled weekday classes, you can join us for the following fun arting events:

Sunday, 6/4 (12:00-3:00): Open Studio

We host two Open Studios each month at Createful. The next one isn't scheduled until the end of June. This is time to gather for a lovely, quiet Sunday afternoon to work on your own project as others do the same.

Wednesday, 6/7 (6:00pm - 9:00pm): Introduction to Art Journaling (Joy) and Mixed Media

I offer this workshop every so often for people who want to learn mixed media basics so they can jump into their own creativity or take art journaling, collage, and other mixed media classes with more confidence. It's been a while since the last Intro class and it might be awhile until the next. I highly recommend you join us this Wednesday if you want to learn the fundamentals while having a blast!

Saturday June 10, 10:00am - 3:00pm: Special Art Fix Saturday

For those who can't join us on Thursday and Friday afternoons, we're offering four Special (and extended) Saturday Art Fix classes this summer. This will be our first one.


And here's our regularly scheduled program for this week and next:

Thursday, 6/1  (12:30-3:30pm): Art Fix — Themed Handmade Artful Bits

Friday, 6/2 (2:30-5:30pm):  Art Fix — Themed Handmade Artful Bits

Thursday, 6/15 (12:30-3:30pm): Art Fix — More Handmade Art Bits

Friday, 6/2 (2:30-5:30pm):  Art Fix — More Handmade Artful Bits

Tuesday and Thursday evenings, Art Groups


To register for any Createful class, workshop or Open Studio go to our Createful Meetup site. 

Learn more about our Art Fix Program or other offerings on our website here.

I hope to see you at the studio!