Createful Compendium Weekly: June ends already?


In Art Fix classes these days, we're learning new mixed media techniques every week—and we're also having fun exploring different mediums. Some of us have chosen a theme, and we are working toward building a handmade altered art journal with these techniques and mediums (and more!) 

Others of us learn and explore with these same techniques/medium to create on a different surface than book pages. 

Regardless, the most amazing thing happens.

Everyone creates something entirely unique! 

I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to witness people exploring and discovering their singular, creativity—especially those who come in a little worried that maybe they "can't". What we all learn is that we all can! (You too...)


Thursday, 6/22 (12:30-3:30pm): Art Fix — VISUAL JOURNALING: TEXT AND IMAGERY

Friday, 6/23 (2:30-5:30pm):  Art Fix — VISUAL JOURNALING: TEXT AND IMAGERY

Thursday, 6/29 (12:30-3:30pm): Art Fix — VISUAL JOURNALING: TEXT AND IMAGERY continued...

Come join in the fun!

To register for any Createful class, workshop or Open Studio go to our Createful Meetup site. 

Learn more about our Art Fix Program or other offerings on our website here.


If you're at the Marin County Fair (June 30 - July 4), wander on in to the art exhibits...and be sure to see a collaborative work on display created by Createful Studio Art Groups. It's called, "The Stroke of Midnight"...and you'll find it in the mixed media category of "From Trash to Treasure." 

ALSO, Art Fix will not be offered Friday, 6/30 (let the 4th of July weekend begin!) Friday classes will resume the following week.


Several people have asked me to recommend art supplies to purchase for home, so here you go...

In addition to coming to Createful Studio as often as possible to explore, learn, and create with others, we all need to create and own art supplies at home, too.  The problem is, it's really easy to overspend on (pricey) art supplies, and truly it's not necessary. Your creativity can flourish with just a few essentials! 

On the other hand, I do believe we can be held back if we don't own the essentials. To truly explore mixed media, you need to explore different mediums and art tools. If you don't have them, how can you do that?

As it happens, I put together a list of essential supplies several years ago on my old art journaling blog. And you know what? I still agree with everything I say and recommend! So if you'd like to know what art supplies you should buy, head on over to Just the Essential Supplies to Begin.