Reporting Back: One Week of Instagram

As I announced last week, I decided to begin sharing on Instagram. This was a big decision for me—even more so because I made the announcement public! I think I'm a pretty good representative of my "pre-internet-born-and-raised" peers in that we aren't not the best digital share-ers sometimes...and here I was committing myself to it in a very public way! 

But commit I did--and then I got to posting.

Mad paint session goin' on tonight at the studio! #createfulstudiomarin

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My biggest fear--or maybe, excuse for not starting sooner--was that it would take too much time. 

Well, I have to tell you that after just one week—I was wrong. Sharing photos and catching up on other people's Instagram posts takes merely minutes! I'm amazed and delighted at how easy and fast it is to post and caption, flip through my feed to see and react to what others are posting—and move on with my day. 

 If I'm being honest, though, the real reason wasn't about time. Not really. I didn't "do" Instagram before because I failed to understand the value. I didn't understand the why. It seemed that my teenage kids when they were younger and others I watched on social media like Facebook and Instagram were just wasting time and energy.  There were (are) way too many people trying to impress others—and way too many people comparing their lives to others—whose lives in reality aren't always as great as they make it seem.

What is it Holden Caulfield said? Here (I had to look it up):

"It's like you always have to put on a happy face, be the phony baloney, and I'm so not that."

Oliver Butt (aka Button when he's not being a butt) is a little cranky. Who do I think I am using my own art table? #mycreatefullife

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However, I am happy and surprised to discover that Instagram ca also be something different altogether: useful. Both for me, personally, but also for the Createful community. And that's what excites me the most.

There's so much more to do with this Instagram tool than try to impress people!

We can connect with friends and family—keeping our lives a little closer when we are otherwise physically apart. It's just one more way to be in each other's lives. 

We can actually use some of those great pics we're always snapping away on our iphones—we can share our best i-photography!

About that night sky...

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It's blossoming time! Even in rain and wind we can feel it happening in our hearts too! #marin #marincounty #mycrratefullife

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We can share our interests and passions and moments—go self-expression!

And yes, there are business incentives. Initially my main reason to get started with Instagram was for the studio.  I hope more people with find and come to Createful Studio.

But guess what? 

We can share our creative work with one another!

Simply by sharing photos of what we make, we can inspire and motivate, and share what we learn. A quick shot and a "Here's how I..." caption, we can share a new technique or method for others to try. 

In sum, even when we're not at the studio, we can be createful together!

i mean, how cool is that?

I know it's only been one week, but you guys, Instagram is kinda awesome! 

i invite you to jump in like I did and try it. 

i can say with much greater confidence than a week ago that it's worth it!

Follow me at instagram/denise.createfulstudio

And use this hashtag to share your work and add to our community collection of our creative work: #createfulartwemake