Make your life a creative life

Announcement #1: OUr Art Fix Schedule has changed TO THURSDAYS/FRIDAYS 

You can now join us for Art Fix classes any Thursday from 12:30-3:30 pm or every other Friday, 2:30 – 5:30pm.  On tap for this week:

Art Fix Thursday: Create with Prompt Cards

Art Fix Friday: A Symbol of You

When I developed the idea of the Art Fix program last fall, I hoped these weekly classes would serve people in the best ways and I couldn’t have been more right!  People tell me the Art Fix projects offer just the right mix of creative freedom and choice balanced with guidance and instruction. It also offers flexibility. Unlike signing up for a series of classes, you can drop in when your schedule allows.

In Art Fix, people are making beautiful work. This last week for instance, we wound our way through a process of layers inspired by Tracy Verdugo to make labyrinthian mandalas...some of us worked in our art journals and some of us worked on square canvas panels.


And then we boldly created our own personal symbols and embelished them to create final pieces that were all fantastic!


If you compare the top and bottom photo, every piece corresponds by the same person from left to right: Denise, Diana, Theresa, Cara and Karen.  Pretty different from beginning to end, right? That’s one of the fun things we learn how to do with mixed media…

We love all the things we are making, and mad skills are growing every week. Why don't you join us? There's room around the table—and remember, all experience levels welcome. We will guide you as little or as much as you need. RSVP Today!

Announcement #2: I currently have a few people interested in forming another art practice group, but we need more people. 

An art group is a fabulous opportunity to be a part of a like-minded group that meets weekly to create together, often researching and learning together how to do new things and create new projects.  Presently, we have two art groups that gather weekly at Createful Studio. While each person and each group is quite different, everyone in those groups just gets ever more enthusiastic if not downright passionate about their art-making—and the connections and friendships that form are amazing.

 If you’re interested in forming and joining an art group—or just if you want more information—contact me.  Let’s talk!

Announcement #3: I’m now on Instagram!

As chief runner of things here at Createful Studio, I am so honored and delighted to be able to offer this beautiful studio and its huge store of art supplies to people who love to create. But I have a confession to make.  This studio serves me as much as it serves you.

I am motivated creatively by two things: my own creative practice and helping others find theirs. And Createful Studio is where I get to do both! 

So. To both those ends, I’m FINALLY committing to Instagram. 

This announcement is a big deal for me because I really find it difficult to commit to sharing on social media! But hey it’s 2017 and, honestly, Instagram is probably the best tool we have for visually sharing our creative lives.  By making this announcement, I’m now accountable! Yikes!

See how I do—and share your work too!

If you're on Instagram, I invite you to follow me at denise.createfulstudio and use the hashtag #createfulstudiomarin in your Instagram feed to share what you make with all of us. 

If you're not on Instagram, think about joining! It's pretty simple to set up an account and start posting pictures right from your smartphone. Each time you share something you create, include the #createfulstudiomarin hashtag so we can all see it!  

I'm thinking this can be a great way for our Marin community to connect over art...

That is, when we're not creating at the studio in real life...the BEST way to connect, for sure!

So how about coming down to the studio this week? 

Make your life a Creative Life...

Art Fix Thursday: Create with Prompt Cards


Art Fix Friday: A Symbol of You


Open Studio this Sunday, 12pm - 3pm