Art Fix: The Inside Story

As you might know, Createful Studio has been open just one year ago, and can you tell from these e-news posts? I am in constant awe of the beautiful artwork, creative encouragement and camaraderie that has comes out of our cozy little studio—from people with all levels of arting experience, including those who have never tried artmaking before.

After seeing so many people come in and enjoy a taste of the studio, this past fall I asked myself: What could we do to help more people dive into this amazing creative outlet of mixed media/art journaling? What could we offer that would open the studio to more arting opportunity for all?


And that’s when Art Fix came to me.

Named because some of us just have to create. We long to express ourselves visually, dipping into the well of our subconscious, as Julia Cameron would say, to discover the joy and meaning in the mysterious and humbling experience of making something new.  

We also really love to just splash color, cut and glue paper and create pattern, texture and print with all kinds of wild materials!

Art Fix would be the place for people to get their creative fix every week (or as often as possible) at the lowest of prices with the greatest of art supplies and service available to them.

"Everyone is creative, everyone can learn, and in Art Fix over time you will create beyond what you ever knew was possible." 

What an amazing first month it's been!

In the last four weeks, we created pieced collages using handmade papers, vision boards which included a fun, new faux-metal embossing technique, accordion books using layered mono-printing and canvas paper covers AND handmade watercolor card decks filled with prompts for future artmaking fun.  


In February we will be making some innovative “black, white and read” hearts, exploring The Story of You with collage and other media, discovering Personal Art Symbols through visual artmaking and creating a single symbol mixed media work. 

As is true for most Art Fix projects, people have the option to complete these projects in an art journal or on a featured surface (so for instance, some of us printed paper for an accordion book and others applied the same technique to an art journal spread).

As I envisioned it, Art Fix serves all creative people:

Those who want more time and space for artmaking,

Those who want instruction and those who don’t want instruction

Those who want inspiration or maybe a shift in perspective or a kick in the pants. 

Or maybe all of the above!


As I see Art Fix removes four big barriers to creativity

1) Time and Space

At home, it’s difficult to make time OR space for creativity. 

In Art Fix we can close the door to life and create.

(Which is somehow so much easier than on our own turf in an open space filled with art supplies.)

 If you make Art Fix something you "do", then you get to create without interruption and with an abundance of art supplies every week in an ongoing, committed practice.


2) Overwhelm

And then there's the case of the blank mind. Have you ever wanted to create but had no idea WHAT to create? At home, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and stuck.

Art Fix gives structure to your creativity.

We give direction for your wild creative mind, leading you over the hump of the blank page, and handing you a roadmap with as many or as little “off road” options as you desire (because you are always free to create whatever and however you want!)


3) Isolation

At home you are on your own and creating can get pretty lonely. 

Here, we get to create with, share and learn with others—including with me.

One of the best things about Art Fix is the exposure to other art makers; what we learn from each other is invaluable. Also, as teacher and fellow arter, I am committed to sharing what I know (“how to”) and also my process. How I make decisions, solve problems, stumble on creative insights… so in Art Fix, you get a front seat to my process, which students tell me can be very helpful to develop theirs.

4) Fear

We all have that Inner Critic. The one who tells us we’re not good enough, not perfect enough, not creative enough…This Inner Critic can be brutal!

In Art Fix, you will get help overcoming your creative fear.  

You will simply come to find out that your Inner Critic just isn't correct. 

Honest truth: Everyone is creative, everyone can learn, and in Art Fix over time you will create beyond what you ever knew was possible. We will show you how. 

So do yourself a favor and honor that voice inside of you that says, “I want to create." Sign up for Art Fix!  That inner creative voice is actually pretty sacred and important—not everyone has it—and Art Fix is a pretty special program.


How to Register

Currently we are meeting every Tuesday and every other Wednesday—and you get your first two Art Fix classes for the price of one: $30. Purchase class passes on our website or click on the button below. Class passes are available in sets of one ($30), two ($45) or four ($80) classes per month.

To grab your seat for a particular class, RSVP on our Meetup site or click on the button below—where you will also find full details about each Art Fix class including theme and project of the week and any supplies you might need to bring (most supplies are already here at the studio.)

Each RSVP will be automatically applied to your class pass and you DO have up to 24 hours to cancel.

Finally, You can learn more about the Art Fix program and how we do registration through here—and if you’re new to meetup, you’ll find simple instructions to set up your free account here.


Thank you for your interest in the studio and in the Art Fix program. I really hope to see you at the studio soon. In the meantime...

I want to hear from YOU — Please email me!

If you are getting this e-news by email, simply click reply. If not, email me at:

I really want to know:

  • Tell me what you think of Art Fix and how it does OR DOESN’T fit into your life. 
  • If you want to participate, but the times aren’t right for you, let me know when a good time would be. I can definitely open up more sessions with more interest and I’d love to work around your schedule.
  • If you hesitate to participate, tell me why.
  • Tell me what else you’d love to see offered!
  • And of course, any other constructive feedback is welcome!

I look forward to hearing from you—Thank you, thank you!







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