Creativity is Calling

Hello, Hello!

  This is a new piece hanging outside of the studio created by Createful community members

This is a new piece hanging outside of the studio created by Createful community members

As we roll into September—which is always a month that begins a new kind of year—I’d like to extend a heartfelt welcome to all newcomers to the Createful Studio—and also a big thank you to those of you who have helped make Createful Studio the fun new arting space that it is today.
Thank you for valuing and honoring your own creativity—and the creative community we are building here. 
As you may or may not know, Createful Studio just opened this year.

Back in December, a small band of generous and creative women filled this small room with fun art supplies and a beautiful communal table. They all gave time and money and great creative energy and supported me every step of the way to make this small little studio happen.
And it did!

We opened in January, and I am so delighted to co-create this very special space for creative exploration and discovery with each and every person who walks in the door week after week.  We are so new, but already our community has grown and creative work is flowing.

 Your potential here is only limited by your imagination!

 close-up of piece

We are a creative arts studio stocked silly with fun supplies for your creative adventures. We have acrylic paints, watercolors, liquid inks, spray inks, adhesives, art sticks, stamps and stencils, glitter and embossing powders, fabrics, ribbons, and found objects. There’s literally a wall lined with different kinds of papers and books for collage, and art-making tools galore. All of these supplies are for your use every time you come to the studio.

I hope you will make the most of our new creative arts studio.


You can take classes and workshops, such as Art Journal Joy every month, four different bookbinding workshops this fall, a techniques lab on one Friday afternoon a month, or three Saturday collage workshops over the next three months.

Our first collage workshop, Nature's Assemblage, is happening THIS SATURDAY—and there are still seats available. Register now and come on down this weekend!

You can join us for independent create time two Sundays each month during Open Studio.  On these Sunday afternoons we gather to blissfully take time out from the world to work on your own projects. There are seats still available this Sunday if you'd like to join us.

You can form an arting group with other creatives and come in weekly as members of the studio to learn and create together. We have two groups working at the studio every week and they love it! Talk to me about how to start such a group.

Finally, you can join us for monthly Friday Night Arting meetups which we host from our meetup site, Createful Mixed Media Explorers Marin (note: we will not be meeting in September due; the next one is in October).

Sometimes people doubt their abilities or question their own creative potential.


Please don’t.  Here at Createful Studio, we all come in with varied creative experience and it is assumed that we are each at different places on the creative path.  
Some of us are complete beginners.
Some of us have explored creative art-making further, still unsteady and unsure (the Inner Critic is a might foe for all creative people).
And some of us have traveled further down the road into open creative lives—passion fired up for more creating, more learning and more growth!
No matter where we are on the path though, we ALL share one thing: we want to create—yes, even need to create.

If you feel that inner tug to be make express yourself in color and line and form

—even if you have no idea how—

you are in the right place.


Expect zero judgment here, a lot of enthusiasm for experimentation and learning, and best of all ongoing creative support and a comraderie that comes over time with shared passion and interest.

There is no other joy quite like sharing something you love.
I hope you will give yourself the gift of creativity.
Here at Createful Studio, we are waiting for you.