Sharing Creative Intentions

 Me and my art journals

Hello, hello!

I hope you are enjoying your summer as we slide into August. A good, long month to sit back a little, slow down when you can, and enjoy life.

By the time September hits I’m always usually re-energized and ready to tackle exciting new plans for the year—but August is not that time yet.

Sure, I start making plans this month (and I have some super fun things scheduled for the studio this fall already). And yes, by month’s end I’m getting ready to gear up, setting dates on the calendar and doing school shopping (with or without school to shop for—funny how that happens).  Work still needs to be done. But.

With summer, I think we all just naturally slow down and I find that by the time August rolls around, I’m really relaxed and it seems my creativity just easily flows…

August is flow time.

I for one intend to take full advantage of these last long days and warm nights to kick back and create whenever I can. In honor of this season of slow, though, I won’t be working on new projects.  I plan to playfully try to complete the projects that have been rattling around my head (and in the studio) most of the last year. Without pushing (this is not the season to even think about that word “goals”), I’d really love to see myself working happily this month from day to day and end up finishing these projects:

  • My Art Journal. I have two—no, three—other art journals I’m currently working in, but I really want to finish the one art journal I’ve been working in since January 2015.  It’s close – see those tabs? Those are all pages left that need either final touches OR, in some cases, have been left to do start to finish (as you can see, I don’t work in order through the book). It’s funny, but when I get close to completing an art journal, I get antsy. I just want to finish it and move on to a whole new book!
  •  Two art pieces I have in mind for the studio. I have two really neat art projects for the studio in mind that I think I can finish without too much problem.  Hopefully I’ll have both to share with you in September!

It helps to set intentions and say them out loud, share them like I’m sharing here with you.

So I encourage you to think about what you want your creative life to look like this month—just this one month—and share your intentions with someone.

Then, make sure and enjoy these summer days! Work has to be done—of course. But in between, savor ripe summer fruit. Take long walks in the cool mornings and warm evenings. Sit out under the stars. (Take an art class!) Read a few good books, search for treasures at the beach, float on a river—and work happily on your art projects…