Announcing...Our New Fall Schedule!

I am so excited to share with you our new schedule here at Createful Studio. There's been a flurry of behind the scenes work to prepare for this new season of creative possibilities—and I'm happy to report that we are ready!  Plans for new (and ongoing) classes have been perfected, the website has been updated, and the studio has been biffed and buffed. All that's left is to tell you about it!

You will find a complete listing with times, dates, and prices on our Mixed Media Classes & Workshops page, with links to details and registration for each class, which I tell you just a little about below.

And remember: All offerings are designed to support beginners as well as those with more experience. All experience levels truly welcome!

 Art Journal Joy art class

Art Journal Joy

Practice letting go creatively and kicking your inner critic to the curb as you play with (and learn) different art media in your art journal—three Wednesday evenings each month.



 Book of the Month art class

Book of the Month with Bibi

Certified bookbinder Bibi Summer is offering four different bookbinding workshops on Saturday afternoons, one each month in the fall.  Take one or all four!



 Collage Workshops art classes

Collage Workshops

Explore different collage methods as you create finished collage works for display each month—one on wood blocks, one on wood panels and one on paper. Take one workshop or all three!



 Friday Art Lab art classes

Friday (or Sunday) Art Lab

Come in once a month to experiment with one art medium or art form and explore new techniques and methods.




 Open Studio Art

Open Studio Create Time

We're opening the studio two Sundays each month for you to gather in creative community and work on your own art projects—with full use of the studio and supplies.




As you know, Createful Studio just opened its doors this past January, and it makes me so happy to see people are finding us and coming in to not only learn and play with all these fun art supplies, but to renew and deepen connection to their creative selves. It's so easy to push our creativity to the curb in our busy culture—but I know that if creative self expression calls, the single more important thing we can do for ourselves is to listen...

I know because I've not only seen the shift in my own life—which prompted me to open Createful in the first place—but also in the lives of all these creative people coming into the studio from week to week...

It is my deepest honor and pleasure to offer you these classes, workshops and create time at the studio in the upcoming season. Learn more about and register for our classes and workshops here.

Thank you,