Studio Spotlight: Createful Member Cara Honigsfeld

Welcome to our new Studio Spotlight series where we feature different members and students of Createful Studio and their recent work. I'm really excited about this series because so many people are exploring and creating and doing some amazing work here at the studio—often for the first time or after a long time away from arting—and I've been looking to share their creative work. As an ongoing series, we will be shining the spotlight on different people on a regular basis (every week or two), which should be fun and informative for all. Enjoy!

Createful Member Cara Honigsfeld

 Createful member Cara Honigsfeld

I met Cara for the first time just this past Winter when she walked into the studio for the first time, and she told me later that it seemed the studio found her. I don't doubt it!  Naturally creative, Cara took up the practice of art journaling from the start and made it a part of her life. I think she quickly came to appreciate the deep experience it can offer as a space to learn mixed media and to encounter her own creativity and spirit. It wasn't long before her art began to spill out of her journal and into other mixed media projects like the one featured today.  Cara combines some of the best qualities for arting—a curiosity and drive to learn and grow, heartfelt enthusiasm for her craft and, well, simply a sense of delight. Her love of arting is contagious, for sure!

Here is what Cara has to tell you about herself and this week's featured work, Let the Wisdom Drop In.

 Let the Wisdom Drop In mixed media on paper by Cara Honigsfeld

Cara, who are you and what do you do?

Hi, I'm Cara and I live in San Rafael. I make people beautiful! I'm a hairstylist/colorist and I own a cute little salon in San Francisco called biNk salon. When I'm not at the salon, you will most likely find me in San Rafael either riding my bike,  going to the gym, working on an art page, tending to my garden, rooting for our Giants or listening to a podcast about personal/spiritual growth.

Where are you currently in your creative life?

When Denise's art journaling class found me in March 2016, it brought new juice to my creativity. To be reminded to "trust your intuition" and to "stay out of your head"  and quiet the critic were big for me. Then came learning all sorts of fun techniques to create beautiful pages... I'm having fun exploring techniques like photo transfers, painting on deli paper, doing lots of shading and adding even more layers when I think I'm done. I'm constantly looking through magazines and grabbing images that speak to me. Some days the flow of putting a page together moves quickly. Some days I just stare and wonder 'what the heck is this page going to be about?' On those days, even if I just start cutting out an image or prepping a page with gesso, it makes me happy inside.

How were you inspired to create this piece?

On this art journal page I was trying something new for me:  to create without a plan. I chose a full magazine page with an image I liked and glued it down. That was going to be my starting point, and I let it dry, but as I began to work on it I hated it. Something about it wasn't working! So I started to rip off that magazine image, which because it was mostly dry came off in strips.

As I stripped the paper off, I was surprised to see that it left an imprint of the reverse side of the magazine! Basically it was a photo transfer—not of my original image but the cool lines and patterns on the reverse side, now inked on my page. I liked the effect so I kept taking off the paper...and as I got to the middle, I was inspired to not rub off the words, Let your...Flow. Now I really liked my background starting point!

As I was focusing on the words left on the page I then decided to play with Dylusions spray ink to add some splattery color. Then, while that was drying I flipped through a furniture magazine at the studio and these three yellow lamps instantly caught my eye. Once I glued those on the page, it all came together and I finished knowing the card's story: Let The Wisdom Drop In. Best of all, at home I had the perfect image of the woman looking up with a pensive look—and she was the same exact colors! Meant to be, of course.

I learned months ago as was I creating my art pages to "keep going til you love it"...when this all came together after starting off so terribly, well, this was only too true and I really fell in love with this piece!