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  • This is a must read for all of us who are a tad bit true: There is No Right or Wrong in Art by Julie Balzer.
  • Kristal Norton talks about the many different phases of the creative process in this excerpt of her free ebook, Water, the fluid ways of creativity.  Definitely worth reading to gain clarity on your own creative process.

"There is much more to creativity than just banging out products.

It’s full of mysticism, ready to be explored and acknowledged. The creative process flows and shifts, like water. It’s not this hard, clean-cut thing.

Creativity is not a stone.”


  • Yah, most items on this list are pretty right on, especially the ones about creating every day—and quantity over quality. Did Picasso really create 50,000 works? That's amazing!  50 Things I Pretend to Know Now That I Am Nearing 50 from James Altucher.
  • Okay – so this really cool art! Ajax Lee photographically turns real people into paper dolls.  His fairground backgrounds is the master stroke, I think. Although the sidekick cutouts aren’t shabby either—not to mention the paper dresses and the hairpieces…just wow.
  • Yup. Next time you’re creating and you hear that self critical voice inside telling you all the ways you’re “doing it wrong”, remember this from Seth Godin's daily blog.
  • I absolutely love these graphic landscapes by Maggie Chiang. Really shows the power of what line, shape, and color can do to create dimension, movement and a sense of vastness we tiny humans can feel.

That's what I've got for you now—I hope like me you are inspired to catch a spark or two and create!