I'd Say Our New Drawing Class was a Great Success!

I was really excited to bring in a drawing class this summer, How to Draw Illustrative Faces. No less so because I convinced my daughter, Elyssa, to teach it!  It was kind of last minute on the schedule, but I'm so glad she agreed. I knew that as a painter and illustrator she had a lot to teach us beginners—and I was right!

Here is the photo collage of a few of her pieces that we used for the class description:

 Elyssa Herman's work

(Just so you know, photos can be deceiving. The first two are oil paintings and are actually pretty large - like three to four feet tall.)

ANYWAY, Elyssa tells me to get on with sharing the work we did in class, so I will. We thought you would enjoy some shots from beginning to end of this three week class:

 Drawing together

The class began with the basic proportions of drawing a face:

 basic proportions - face
 early drawing in class

And then we quickly moved into learning the fundamentals of drawing each feature of the face:

 learning to draw eyes
 drawing noses
 drawing eyes, noses, mouths

And of course, we did a lot of practicing:

 practice sketch again
 and practice sketch again

By the end, I think it's safe to safe that we ALL improved immensely!

 last sketch
 another last sketch
 and the final last sketch

Isn't it amazing how three different people can (already) have three different styles???

So I hope you enjoyed this recap. As someone with very little drawing experience, I am the first to tell you that anyone really can learn to draw—and learning to draw faces is super fun (and useful for art journaling and mixed media work).  We plan to put this class on the schedule in early fall so if you're interested, please let me know and I will make sure you are among the first to find out about.