Studio Spotlight: Createful Member Mimi Schreiber

Welcome to our new Studio Spotlight series where we feature different members and students of Createful Studio and their recent work. I'm really excited about this series because so many people are exploring and creating and doing some amazing work here at the studio—often for the first time or after a long time away from arting—and I've been looking to share this creative work within our Createful Community as well as with the world at large. As an ongoing series, we will be shining the spotlight on different people on a regular basis (every week or two), which should be fun and informative for all. Enjoy!

Createful Member Mimi Schreiber

Mimi Schreiber

If you have taken a class at the studio or share time with her weekly in the studio, chances are you've run into Mimi. She gets in to the studio as much as she can, often several times per week when she can fit in art group and a class and I know everyone appreciates her creative enthusiasm and support.  Mimi started taking art journaling classes with me over a year ago and it was love at first sight (with art journaling, that is—but she and I like each other a bunch, too!) Mimi has become a prolific art journaler—her art journals are ah-MAY-zing, and it is so exciting to see her grow and branch out into other kinds of work like the one she is sharing today.  It's beautiful, isn't it?

"Dive In" by Mimi Schreiber

Here is what Mimi has to tell you about herself and this week's featured work, Dive In:

So, Mimi, who are you and what do you do?

Hi, I'm Mimi and I live in San Rafael.  When I'm not arting, I write grants for a local nonprofit organization.  My favorite thing to do is travel. I love the National and State Parks and I also like "exotic" travel.  I have kept travel diaries/journals since the 90s. Over the last year, I've been to Spain and Israel, and next week I'm off to South Africa with my partner and a small group.  

How do you like to work, creatively?

I love being in the studio because it gives me a dedicated space and time to explore creative expression through mixed media.  I'm pretty new to arting, so it's great to have a group around me to push the creative process forward and to get inspiration. 

How were you inspired to create this work?

This piece, "Dive In" was a fun project that we tackled in a Mixed Media class here at the studio and it came together in a magical way, almost by itself. I have to say that input from class mates really made the difference too (one of the best parts about taking a class here is that creative camaraderie and support).  After this class, I promptly made another one in the same genre on my own: begin with a mixed media background that includes acrylic paint and other mediums such as ink. Add three-dimensional pieces while leaving space for a focal point and a border—which are added next. Finally, I always enjoy the last layers of embellishments and giving it a title.

Thanks for letting me share!