My Art Journal: Doodle Page

We are filling handmade art journals in or our Thursday night art group, MMM Circle, and we’re having a lovely time working on our pages together. 

Last week our prompt was: “Doodle a full page in your art journal “…which was very convenient for me since I’m preparing to teach a class on doodling this week and I’m thinking about ALL the different ways we can approach it. 

For this page, I chose to sketch out a loose set of loops—and then just started filling them in…

 art journal page start

Doodling is very relaxing, especially while talking to other doodlers or listening to podcasts or to music—all of which I did in three different sessions to complete the doodled loops (I’m slow).

The big conundrum was how to turn it from just a doodle to a completed art journal page.

Now, black and white is pretty much impossible to beat, contrast-wise—and it’s certainly zentangle-friendly—but I personally find it a little too safe.  Where’s the challenge in that? So I decided to add color

But it was a risk.  When you add a whole new element to a composition, you’re always worried. Will I ruin it? Yikes! But I got out my pan pastels…

 Doodle Page Middle

And, yep, I did kind of ruin it.  I didn’t like it at all.

Well, that kind of sucked, but I now had a second challenge.

How will I save this?

Well, to make a long story short, while blending in white pastel and adding more black to the doodled loops, a phrase came to me that I realized always haunted me a bit as a child. It still does, really. That sense of really not knowing the future, the vulnerability in the not knowing…

 Doodle Page Final

And creating this page reminded me that I have a new relationship with the "not knowing." Magic happens when you just let the wind blow you where it may…you sink into the moment, you face challenges, and sometimes your past. You get color! And if you’re lucky you learn something…

Here are some closeups:

 Doodle Page top
 doodle page close up 2
 Doodle Page closeup 3
 Doodle Page bottom

I hope you're inspired to go where the winds take you in your art journal, too!