Art Sparks Around the Web: Rumi, Peter Gabriel, Oracle Cards and More!

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Every day I get inspired, find new ideas and learn from the smart, generous, talented creators on the internet.  Blogs, podcasts, video, online classes…This kind of learning is a huge part of my arting practice. My intention is to use what I learn.  I may follow a spark of an idea to create something new, try a new technique or tackle a new project—or simply add new ways of seeing to my life.

I also love to share the sparks.

So from them to me to you:  Enjoy!




This is the Rumi poem—or excerpt from the poem—that I used for this art journal page last week:

 Art Journal spread - Dear Soul...


This video interview with Peter Gabriel is awesome! What a lovely person—and creative master!  Also become acquainted with the interviewer, Alain de Bottom of The School of Life…do a little poking around that site, too—amaaazing!


Ooh! Make your own Oracle cards!


Alisa Burke is a lovely blogger and artist—and here is her best advice in a series of short videos. Fun and useful!


Here is a great overview for making—and understanding the significance of—mandalas.