Building Creative Community

 group card collage close-ups

In addition to classes here at Createful, we also offer the studio for private bookings. Individuals or groups come in—leave the world behind for a a few hours of bliss—and create.

I love it when people use the studio to work on their own projects or book some personalized instruction time.

It's part of the vision to offer this space for creative community, and our community is growing!  I see people in classes, for private create time, at the monthly Friday Night Meetup, and I'm super excited to share that the studio now hosts two art groups who come in every week to create together.

The picture above is a Tarot-inspired collage project that one group is currently working on. What you see there are closeups of 5"X8" cards, a set the group hopes to expand to fill at least one wall of the studio with cards. Hereis what they look like hanging:

 group cards hanging on wall

group cards hanging on wall

I have one more important thing to say:

Yes, art groups are particularly potent as they allow creative people to come together and connect over time, sharing an interest and passion for creating, and I hope more groups will form as we go on.

But in truth, every time even two people get together in the studio to create, magic happens...and opening out the lens a bit, everyone who participates here—in classes, in meetups, in private bookings and art groups—is part of one big creative community.

My secret mission is to bring you ALL together so you can see how awesome you all are!

So with that said (my secret is out!), please know that Createful is new and growing and we're still working on ways to open the studio to people and to share our work with each other. I'm super open to any creative suggestions, so if you have any ideas, let me know!

Meantime, come in for a class or a meetup or private create never know where this creative community will lead...