Art Sparks Around the Web: On Being Creative, Loved and Happy

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Every day I get inspired, find new ideas and learn from the smart, generous, talented creators on the internet.  Blogs, podcasts, video, online classes…This kind of learning is a huge part of my arting practice. My intention is to use what I learn.  I may follow a spark of an idea to create something new, try a new technique or tackle a new project—or simply add new ways of seeing to my life.

I also love to share the sparks. So from them to me to you:  Enjoy!

Jim Carrey’s commencement address is truly one of the great ones..  It’s kind of like he lays down bricks of insight slathered in humor. Except these bricks are filled with light—about what it is to be happy, fulfilled, human. And wait until you see his painting! Don’t miss this one!

Oh – and Carrey makes a quick aside about this fortunate graduating class who come from loving parents, but you know, it is so particularly KEY in our world today:  “Beware the Unloved. They will eventually hurt themselves—or me.” Or what Chris Zydel says, following the recent Orlando Massacre.  

15 Tips to Improve Your Drawing Skills. Practice is that easy—and fun!

What a great way to stamp an image—think several colors of ink at one time.

I found this video intriguing…Laura Hollick tells her story about how she used her imagination to create new (and interesting) reality in her life and she has a very simple message for all of us:

 “Our world is changing right now. The way we connect, the way we communicate, the kind of jobs that are available, our environment, the economy…and when all these things are changing…what do we do? what do we do at this point in history when there’s a new world being created, how do we create it in the way we want? I believe it’s about tapping into our ability to be creators. “