What's the Difference Between Art Journal Joy and the Small Bite Technique Classes?

A visitor asked me the other day about the Techniques “Small Bite” classes I’m offering this summer. She wanted to know how they differ from the ongoing Art Journal Joy class I also teach.

Good question! So I thought I’d share my answer in case you are wondering too.

In Art Journal Joy, we gather with our art journals and create wild and joyful pages filled with self expression from week to week. We slowly build a book—an art journal—that is uniquely our own.

 wild joyful art journal page

Because it is only for ourselves, we are free to create in any way we want. We do not need to “be” artists or create within the narrow judgments of “good” or “bad”; some pages we love and others not so much.

It doesn’t matter!  We just create—together—and the magic of connecting with our creativity in a room filled with art supplies and fellow art journalers is an awesome experience!

 That experience of creating is for me the real purpose of art journaling—the hook that brings me back to my art journal again and again.  It is in that flow state of creative connection where we learn and grow as creative beings.

So it is my primary goal in every Art Journal Joy class to create space for people to connect with their own creativity in that way.

Now, of course, we also want to know “how:” How to use all these wonderful art supplies, how to create something that expresses what we want to express, and how to apply different techniques for different purposes.

In each art journaling class I do introduce new art mediums and techniques and we spend time learning how to use different materials. But of course there is always so much more to learn—so many more questions about types of materials and how else to use them, and what will do what…so I guess these Small Bite technique classes were born in that joyful sense of inquiry I encounter in my art journaling classes. 

My primary goal for the Small Bite classes is to give people a wide and deep overview of what they can do with any one type of medium when creating mixed media (whether in art journals or other mixed media pieces).

 example for small bite art class

The idea, of course, is that the techniques classes will give you have a much wider repertoire of skills and techniques for your art journal or for any other mixed media piece you might make (canvases, assemblages, books, panels, cards—whatever!)

Each Small Bite class* in the series will be hands-on and fast-paced, and filled with practical tips and specific supply recommendations…and if you’re feeling primed after 90 minutes of experimentation, there’s also the option of staying for another hour and a half to work on your own (in your art journal or on another piece) with what you have learned.

So the difference between the art journaling classes and the Small Bite classes is that in the first, we dive into the experience of creating, and in the second, we dive into the experience of experimentation.

The pace is different. The focus is different…but they do go hand in hand!

You can find details including class descriptions, pricing and supply lists for Art Journal Joy Summer and the Arting Techniques Small Bite series here. And you can Register for any class here.


*There are also three "Larger Bite" classes in the series offered one Wednesday evening each month—3 hours instead of 1.5 hours for a deeper dive into the featured medium. You are free to take as many or as few classes in the series as your schedule allows.