First Arting Techniques class coming this week! Ink it Up!

 Ink Infographic Part I
 Ink Infographic Part 2

(The first thing you notice if you go to buy ink at the art supply store is some inks are "pigments"  and some are "dyes"...I created this infographic over at Hello Heart Journal to explain the differences...)

Ink is a funny medium.

When we start playing with ink in mixed media—stamping it, drawing with it, rubbing and spraying it—well, we quickly learn that ink is AWESOME! Colors can be vibrant or soft, and you can mix it with other media…


Ink can remain elusive.

On the one hand, we are very familiar with ink. What child doesn't get a hold of an ink pen and draw in all the wrong places? We all know about ink.

But other than knowing it's a fluid medium that dries quickly (and sometimes it cannot be removed from clothing or walls—but sometimes it can), ink is somewhat of a mystery.

We don’t exactly know which inks do what (and there are A LOT of them on the market)…

and maybe more than any other medium, we can inadvertently “mud”dle it up.

In this class, we are going to dispel the mystery.

We are going to focus on ink pads and ink sprays (not ink pens or liquid ink, although we will touch on those topics, too), and we’re going to separate out different uses for different products (there are so many on the market!) and how to create different effects using a wide range of techniques.

If you take this class, you'll know a whole lot more about ink and you will have a whole new set of techniques to use in your mixed media pieces—including your art journal. Why don't you come on down?

Friday, June 3, 12pm-1:30pm


Sunday, June 5, 10am-11:30am

Get full details including the supply list here.