THIS WEEK: Links that Sparkle


Every day I get inspired, find new ideas and learn from the smart, generous, talented creators on the internet.  Blogs, podcasts, video, online classes…This kind of learning is a huge part of my arting practice. My intention is to use what I learn.  I may follow a spark of an idea to create something new, try a new technique or tackle a new project—or simply add new ways of seeing to my life.


I also love to share the gems.

So from them to me to you:  Enjoy!


Turns out, says the New York Times, we don't hit a midlife "crisis" - but a rebirth. This has been absolutely true for me.

"By middle age you might begin to see, retrospectively, the dominant motifs that have been running through your various decisions. You might begin to see how all your different commitments can be integrated into one meaning and purpose. You might see the social problem your past has made you uniquely equipped to tackle. You might have enough clarity by now to orient your life around a true north on some ultimate horizon."


HOWEVER, as we head closer to our own true north, we do risk falling far behind the world if we are not careful. How many things on this fun list of old ways of doing things are you still doing? How many could you knock off the list with a little effort? 


Nice series of short videos from Alisa Burke on finding your own unique arting voice and style. Great advice!


Such GOOD advice about art journaling from Daisy Yellow...I bring two takeaways for myself: 1) Plug into "what drives you" to create.  That takes some self examination. 2) A reminder that our art journals are not precious. I 100% agree:  "If anything is precious it should be the ACT of making art."


Love this story about finding her art! Love her art!