T H I S W E E K Links that Sparkle



Every day I get inspired, find new ideas and learn from the smart, generous, talented creators on the internet.  Blogs, podcasts, video, online classes…This kind of learning is a huge part of my arting practice. My intention is to use what I learn.  I may follow a spark of an idea to create something new, try a new technique or tackle a new project—or simply add new ways of seeing to my life.

I also love to share the gems.

So from them to me to you:  Enjoy!




Great list of ideas for keeping your art practice simple.

“The world wants you to think. /You need to develop magical superpowers. /Be bold, be brave, be strong./Explore the depths of your soul. /Create layers of deep symbolic meaning. /What if you just/Keep it simple?”

Alexandra Franzen is always on point when just the kind of reminders we need:

“When you ‘don’t have time’ is when you need it most of all.”

Here’s an excellent 10 minute video showing how to listen to your inner self to finish an art journal page. Not only does she demonstrate and give good advice, but JenniBellie’s cute English accent just makes anything she produces a fun listen!

Susannah Conway is hosting April Love, a Month of Love Letters, a full month of creative prompts. 

I really love the marks on this art journal page—and Connie’s advice to get outside and art is a good one.

Finally, I must share this poem. But be careful—tears alert! Or maybe it’s just me.  I too have a soulmate of a fierce, aging boy cat. Now at fourteen he lets me hold him close in my arms too…