Exciting Changes and Expanded Offerings for 2017!


As I explained last week, there's a ton of creative goodness going on around here—and plenty of lessons learned in our first year of business. I sat down with my trusty advisors a few months ago and took a good look at how we can streamline, improve and offer people even more creativity in their lives. 

And then I got to work—

and here's what's new!

I'm super excited about the New Web Design

I've updated the look of the  website and finally did the same for our Meetup site AND our Facebook page!  These are the three online spaces for people to find and learn more about us and the re-design was WAAAAY overdue. Check it out!

ArtFix Collage.jpg

Introducing our new Art Fix program

I am so excited about this addition to our studio, guys, and I think you will be too! Now you can purchase Art Fix Class Passes to come in each month as often as you'd like: weekly, bi-weekly, even once a month—to create different mixed media art projects and grow and develop your creative self.

I'll be at the studio on Tuesday afternoons and every other Wednesday evening to guide you step by step through a new art project based on a theme with a mix of fun art materials and new art techniques.

The more often you come (because I want to encourage you to come more often), the less you pay per per class! 

You can learn all about the program, Class Passes, and much more on our Art Fix and Art Fix FAQ pages.



AND — in conjunction with Art Fix Launch — also introducing:

All Event Registration will now place on our Meetup site: Createful Mixed Media Explorers.


I have to tell you, keeping up with multiple registration points made me crazy—and honestly, Meetup.com is just SO convenient AND efficient and FREE for you—not to mention the fact that people can find us there—AND Meetup can keep you informed of new additions to the schedule...So it's a no brainer, really. 

(If you're new to meetup, you can use these simple (simple!) directions to get set up).

To Celebrate All This Newness — we've got a Special Promotion for you

For a limited time only—get two Art Fix classes for the price of one! 


Come on in for your first Art Fix class in January—and then get your second Art Fix class for free...

Details are on Meetup when you go to register for an Art Fix class. 

OKAY - So What else?


With so much to share with you, I'll save full details about new upcoming classes and workshops for future posts. BUT. I will tell you now that we'll be rolling out a slew of new classes—with new teachers—on a month to month basis in 2017, and the first two are already listed on the schedule.  One of those classes I just have to tell you about now! 


We have a new eight week class that you just have to check out:  Beginning Portrait Drawing Based on Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain with De Andre Drake. We are so pleased to welcome De Andre to the studio. De Andre has been teaching this class for eight years in Oakland, and he has had wild success teaching people to draw beautifully who never thought they could draw.

If you want to learn to draw, you can—and you need to sign up for this class!







I know that seems like a lot of "new" and I hope you'll take some time to click on the links and take a peek—and let me know what you think! In the meantime, though, it's important to note that some things have not changed:

The studio is still stocked full to overflowing with fun art supplies. And they are always ALL available for your use when you're in the studio.

We still gather for Open Studio two Sundays per month, 12pm - 3pm. You can register on meetup.

While my Art Journal Joy class is not currently on the schedule, we still do a lot of art journaling around here. If you want to learn Art Journaling basics, take my Mixed Media and Art Journaling 101 Workshop on Wednesday, January 11th--or when it is repeated every 4-6 weeks.  

Also, In Art Fix, we'll often have the option to work in our art journals—and art journaling is a perfect activity for Open Studio, too.

Createful Studio art groups still meet every week and these lovely ladies are learning and growing and creating like crazy. If you're interested in forming or joining an art group, you can learn about that here.

Finally, and most importantly, we close out the year the way we began:

With a heartfelt commitment to lead creative lives and to share all that positive, joyful energy with others who need and want more creativity in their lives too.

I wish for you and your family a lovely, peaceful holiday season—and lots of great arting at the studio next year! 

Peace and Love,