How 'Bout an Art Retreat?

Have you ever been to an art retreat? You know, where you go retreat somewhere nice for a few days, and just dive into creating and learning and hanging out with other arters?

If you have, then you know it's an absolutely wonderful experience. Not only do you get away on a mini vacation, but you fill up on creativity--and inevitably the take-aways are profound.  Soul rejuvenation combined with renewed creative energy and new skills and knowledge...your life and your art are forever enriched.

A great bang for your vacation buck, I'm just sayin'.

So don't worry, we're not hosting an art retreat around here (although every arting experience at Createful is a mini retreat after all...)


I want to share a few mixed media art retreat experiences that are coming up in early 2017 that are not too far away...and I'm thinking...

Wouldn't it be fun if a group of us went to one of them???

I know—amazing fun!

And afterwards, we'd come back to the studio totally jazzed. We could teach each other what we learned...I bet our creativity would burst out of the room!

So I'm just throwing this out there. Check out the retreats below and if you're interested in any of them, email me right away because registration windows close fast (email:

...and if there's a group of us, maybe we can make it happen!


 Art Is You logo

Art is You...Santa Rosa

Tuesday, April 4 - Sunday April 9, 2017

(Pick one day or up to all six days.)

I attended Art Is You a few years back in Petaluma and it is really energizing. There are a lot of workshop options—most of them leaning to dimensional art, I think, like polymer clay and jewelry making and such, but there's a variety of interesting sessions from collage and painting to bookmaking and more. Hundreds of attendees and tons of creative energy—and local!


 Art&Soul Logo

Art & Soul, Portland, Oregon

Monday April 3 - Sunday April 9, 2017

(Pick one day or up to all seven days.)

Now, yes, this would take a plane ride--but a short one. And Portland is fun to visit! There are several "internet-notable" artists teaching what looks like interesting and diverse workshops. This is a good-sized art retreat as well.


 Mendocino Art Center logo

Mendocino Art Center

Weekend Workshops

How about a weekend in Mendocino? Several mixed media options coming up Winter and Spring. Check out the full list on their website, but here are a few sample titles:

Spackling Encaustic Relief, December 10-11th

The Amazing Accordian, January 14-15th

Paper Clay Fun-damentals February 10-12th

Joomchi - the Art of Korean Papermaking March 17-19th

Drawing You In April 1-2nd


Okay. There they are. Click on the links and do a little browsing...and then get back to me. Let's get a Createful group together and go on an art retreat!