Call to Action! Intense Arting Going on Around Here and We Need Pics!

 Empty Handed

There's a whole lot of arting going on at the studio these days, but you might notice there is not one picture in this post except of me—empty handed.

I'm afraid I have very few pics of people's work to show you right now. 

And I feel terrible about that because everyone really needs to see what everyone else making around here—and for all of you makers, your work deserves to be seen!

I'm afraid this is a pattern in my life. I've never been the one in the crowd to take pictures at events...and can I just say thank goodness someone else takes that role at family gatherings or I'd have nothing of the past but my shoddy memory!

Yet this fall, our two resident art groups have been creating gorgeous work on a weekly basis...

People have been coming in during Open Studio hours two Sundays each month to work in their art journals or on their own projects...

We've been making really fun projects like bookmarks and inchies at our monthly Friday Night Arting Meetup every month...

And BEAUTIFUL works have come out of our classes and workshops on art journaling, bookbinding and collage...

So here's the thing:

I vow to improve on the photography front. "Take Pictures" is my new habit goal. I will succeed.


To make up for lost time and my poor photograph-taking skills, can we get some photos, please?




Anyone who has created at Createful Studio this fall


Please take a few moments, go around your house and snap photos of the work you have created this fall: individual art journal pages, canvases, books, inchies, art panels, collages, assemblages, fiber arts...yes, each and every one!

Simply snap photos with your phone and then send each one to me:

(You know how to do that, right?  After you take the pictures, go to your photos and select the ones to send. Then simply click on that send icon (on the iphone it's the rectangle with the arrow pointing up in the bottom left corner) select email, type in my email address, choose actual size, and hit send.)


NOW, please. And if now is not an option--tonight? I want all these pictures in the next 24 hours--okay, 48 hours tops!

Don't forget!

Because then, I am going to post all of our photos on the website (WHERE) so everyone can enjoy our work! (WHY)

And just so you createful studio creators know...'ll be looking for your pictures in the next hours...or I'll be looking for you!