About Us

The Createful Community

As people come to the studio regularly they find they find themselves part of this wonderful community of creative people who share a passion for self expression and creativity and who support each other in a judgement-free, curious and genuinely respectful space.  Newcomers are welcomed with open arms because there's nothing better than widening the circle of people who love the same thing!

We hope that you will join our community too and come into the studio often for Art Fix classes and more!






About Denise

Creative Director and Owner of Createful Studio, Denise Herman was at first a teacher, wordsmith and lifelong maker of stuff. And then she discovered art journaling, which led to collage, fiber collage, altered books...and the mixed media journey continues.

Denise loves to learn and share the art-making experience with others! She knows the power of creative community and offers this studio to other people like her—that is, people who want more creativity in their lives, too.

What is mixed media anyway? 

Simply, mixed media is any artwork using more than one type of material (or medium).

Some popular forms of mixed media are collage, altered objects and books, 2D and 3D assemblage, artist trading cards (ATCs), handmade books and art journals.


It all began...

Several years ago a small group of women gathered weekly to create. Some of us had very little experience, some of us were artists, but we all shared an insatiable love of creativity. We had each always been creative in our lives one way or another, and we each wanted to channel that creativity into the world of mixed media. We wanted more learning, more skills and more creative fun.

So we came together in one member's studio space, and week after week we took up projects and explored different mediums from collage to art journaling to bookmaking, to painting, felting and much more. We created art projects and we created community—and to this day we continue to learn, build skills and create together.

Art making is an infinite journey of discovery, and it's all the more satisfying when you travel down that path with others.

We know many others in the local area would also love creative community.

What if, some of us wondered...we create a community mixed media studio so others could come together, too?

What if we could offer others the opportunity to learn and create with like-minded people? 

We started dreaming and before long, well, the vision turned into reality...

Createful Studio opened its doors in January 2016, offering a cozy new space in San Rafael for people who want more creativity in their lives.

No experience necessary and all experience welcome!


We are located just off the 101 freeway at 1004 Irwin Street, Ste. B, on the northeast corner of 4th and Irwin. You will see a large sign: The Lindskog Building.

Our entrance is on Irwin Street. Please do not try to enter the building on 4th street. When you enter the building, go up the stairs and you will see the Createful Studio to your right at the top if the stairs. The door remains closed, but do come right on in during open hours!

Please note: We do share a small building with a few other heart-centered, small businesses with one-to-one practices.  When entering the building you will see reminders to keep conversation to a minimum in the shared space.  They will appreciate it!


You are welcome to use the parking lot adjacent to our building after 5:00pm on weekdays and anytime on weekends.

There is ample (free) parking on Irwin, 4th and 5th streets. During the daytime hours, please park on the street.